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Private relaxation area

Private Relaxation Area with Sauna, Turkish Bath and Massothermie

Enjoy a unique moment at La Bordes private relaxation area and extend your experience enjoying the upscale services.

A couple can enjoy the spa facilities exclusively, under reservation.
A shower and a chillout area with green/herbal tea and soft drinks are included.
Price : 75€pp/2hours

Turkish Bath (48° and 98° humidity), 2 distinct feelings, foggy (cold) or rainy (hot) and 4 different cosmetic programs at your disposal.
Sauna temperature until 90°C, aroma selection and 4 different types of programs.
Massothermie care is a full body massage for deep relaxation of body and mind.

Manual massage on demand. 1 hour €110.

Hare care on demand: haircut/brushing.

Our Services

  • Climatisation
  • Safe
  • Plasma screen
  • Wifi
  • Breakfast
  • Mini-bar
  • Bathtub
  • Garden access
  • Sport room access
  • Pool access
  • Tennis Court access
  • Balnéo by Jacuzzi


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